I’m not going to sugarcoat it, this team is an abomination. While the names on the jerseys indicate point scoring should be better, there is no excuse for being 150 points behind 7th place out of 8 teams. THERE’S ONLY 113 POINTS BETWEEN 7TH AND 1ST. Truly a special bunch, I haven’t seen this level of ineptitude since my son’s 3rd grade rendition of Macbeth. And the ending is projecting to be at least as tragic.

There really isn’t a trade to make as virtually no one on this team is playing very well, so any move would be selling low and not netting a return that is going to boost KJ up the standings. Being this far down the totem pole, you have little leverage in a redraft league. The players that should produce just need to start breaking out.

I do think that DeAndre Hopkins gets right this week. I expect Watson to force feed him against the Chiefs like he did Fuller last week. At RB, Le’Veon Bell has been seeing all the work but the Jets’ offense has been grounded since losing Sam Darnold to a spin-the-bottle mishap. LVB should see a bump in production, but I don’t know if it will be enough to pry this team from the dank crypt it currently resides in. TE continues to be a dead zone but there is surprisingly some hope on the wire.

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