If you’re not up for story time, you can skip right down to performance checks. It’s personal and probably not for everybody, but I wanted to tell it anyways. 

Speaking of worries, we had a medical emergency with my son on Sunday afternoon and that would explain why I didn’t post on Monday. Before we continue on this crazy journey, everything is fine now. On Sunday afternoon I was watching the games and switching off checking on our son with my wife. He had a lingering stomach ache since after breakfast. He actually threw up and said he was starting to feel better. I checked for a fever, nada. We Gave him some medicine to settle his stomach down. Everything is fine, he just has a stomach bug.

Around the time the late afternoon games kicked off, things got really intense. He yelled “MOM, DAD!” and we ran upstairs. He was sitting on the floor holding his stomach grimacing in pain, his chicken noodle soup untouched. It was time to go to the hospital. 

We get to the hospital, I think that he has food poisoning and my wife thinks that his appendix is on the verge of bursting. The doctor? He thinks it’s gas. They do an X-Ray, there are no blockages (not a gas issue). The pain is intensifying for him and my palms are getting sweaty and my wife is getting tears in her eyes. My patience is wearing thin.

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