Smaller slates make for great opportunities to win big in tournaments and that’s exactly what we have here with four games on tap for the Divisional Round. When building multiple lineups, it’s important to differentiate our exposure in order to cover our bases and give us a higher likelihood of finishing at the top of the standings.

Of course, this doesn’t just mean throwing different players in random lineups and hoping for the best. Our process-based approach can give us a better chance of identifying a great lineup than our competition by using top-down analysis to highlight the best scenarios. Let’s take a look:

Note: All statistics calculated through Week 16.

Scenario 1: Count Stacks With Your Mahomies
The obvious stack last week, the Saints, failed so I understand the trepidation going with the obvious stack once again, especially in tournaments where we must gain tons of leverage over the field. However, more often times than not, I do believe rolling with the strongest foundation is the way to go, even in tournaments.

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