Have you been paying attention to the recent player opt outs from around the NFL? If you have, then you know ole Billy Belichick and his dog are up to something. As of this writing, 39 NFL players have opted out of the 2020 season with 8 of those players being New England Patriots. A lot of fans and analysts are speculating the Patriots are encouraging opt out as they tank for Trevor Lawrence (the consensus top QB pick in next year’s draft class), but I think it’s something much more sinister. Like maybe there’s an asteroid on a collision course with Earth and Belichick those eight Patriots have been selected for a space mission to save humanity. Sorry, I watched Armageddon over the weekend. Maybe Belichick encouraged (or even incentivized) anyone remotely considering an opt out to do it early so he has more time to prepare and fill those holes? Seems more likely than the space mission anyway. Speaking of the Patriots, I amended the top 20 quarterback rankings to include new Patriot quarterback Cam Newton after his signing. Now for the top 30 quarterbacks for 2020 fantasy football:

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