I hope everyone’s hands and feet are as swollen as mine after two straight days of binging on sodium laced food. Wait, did I really just type that? I am now old? No, it’s the children who are old. Please forgive my stuffing delirium. I promise the stats will be better.

  • The Jakobi Meyers (no relation to BDon) hype train got derailed last week with Damiere Byrd going off and N’keal Harry back. Meyers only caught 3 balls on 3 targets. The encouraging thing is that he still played 99% of snaps. There’s possible value on Meyers this week given that Byrd’s high involvement may be a one-off.
  • I think Mike Williams is back. He looked explosive while garnering 122 air yards and producing 4-72-1. There’s always going to be a good amount of boom and bust to Big Mike’s game. With Justin Hebert coming into his own there may be more booms in the coming weeks.

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