I learned something in our fantasy football group chat this morning. It was a conversation between THE BOOF, DonkeyTeeth and B-Don (they didn’t know I was watching tehehe). If you think about it, it’s kind of obvious, but I’ll bet you two packs of smokes, a bottle of toilet wine, and 3 packs of ramen that you didn’t know that Jonnu Smith is the 0.5 PPR TE1 through two weeks this year! Crap, I keep forgetting that my time has been served for crimes I ALLEGEDLY committed and I don’t have to bet prison items anymore. Which is unfortunate because I really miss that sweet, sweet toilet wine. Another fun fact, getting last place in a prison fantasy league has a little bit harsher of a punishment.. But I digress back to Jonnu. If you followed my rankings in week two, you would have started him in any format! You also might have started Emmanuel Sanders, but it’s not my fault he sucks. I’m just the ranker, sheesh.

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